Pupuan village is well known for producing robusta coffee in Indonesia. Pupuan Village is located in Tabanan Regency, Bali. It has a chocolatey aroma that likes it because it is planted with plants. Made with 100% organic Pupuan coffee beans that are placed naturally so that it makes a distinctive coffee dish that will be a coffee lover’s choice.

The robusta coffee character with high caffeine content and low acid content is safe enough for beginners to consume. Bali Pupuan Robuta coffee is grown above an altitude of 400-700 meters above sea level in areas with cool weather so that the coffee harvest is undoubtedly the pleasure of guaranteeing the quality of every typical Indonesian coffee product.

Product type : Robusta Coffee Bean
Cracked seed ratio: 2%
Water content : 10.4 - 10.8%
Processing : Full-Washed, Semi Washed, Natural, Honey
Grade : Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3
Place of origin : Bali, Indonesia
Acidity : 7 - 7.75
Mixture: 1%


Flores is one island among others that forms the political province called East Nusa Tenggara, a part of Indonesia. Flores Coffee is one of the popular variant that has the best quality in Indonesia.
Coffee in Flores is processed using the traditional wet-hulled method and is characterized by incredible smoothness along with a big, rich body. Similar in profile to Balinese coffee, Flores coffee is a bit sweeter and more like milk chocolate or cocoa as compared to the baker's chocolate and dark chocolate profiles commonly found in Sumatran coffee.


Product type : Robusta Coffee Bean
Variety : Tugusari
Imperfect : 5% max
Water content : 13-14%
Processing : Full-Washed, Natural and Semi Washed
Grade : Grade 1
Place of origin : Flores, Indonesia
Acidity : Medium
After taste : Clean
Characteristic : Dark Chocolate, Herbal, Earthy, Thick Body

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